What I saw this week #9: October 25, 2013

This has been an amazing week at work. I'm very much looking forward to sharing what we're up to in the future but for now, some links.

Comet ISON - Did you know there was a comet up there, right now, about to zing passed us and the sun and back out into space? Don't miss it.

Jeff Bezo's Reading List - What books does the CEO of an online book store (I know, this is a huge generalization for Amazon's business) have his management team read?

Audio: Rocking Chairs - A mix by my friend Yaron.

Conan O'Brien joins LinkedIn - He was afraid we were running low on blogs.

Videos: GitHub Guides - Want to learn the version control software git? Try out GitHub Guides.

Robby Leonardi's Resume - An incredible animated resume. Just scroll down the web page to learn more about Robby.

App: Tweetbot 3 (iPhone, iOS 7 only) - Be sure to check out Shawn Blanc's review.

Photo: Shipwreck, Rossbeigh Strand, Glenbeigh, Co. Kerry, Ireland - This ship wrecked on this beach in 1904. I had no idea it was that old when I saw it in October 2011. Man I miss Ireland.

Film: Blackfish. I had a very, very hard time watching this. I almost shut it off twice. I recommend watching it. People need to see this before making vacation plans.

Discussion: How to estimate programming time - This is really, really hard to do. I agree with some of the commenters. The way we do it... break it into weekly or manageable chunks, multiply by 1.5.