Coast, a browser for iPad by Opera

Coast is a new web browser built for the iPad by Opera.  (App Store link)

Why is there a back button in iPad browsers? The iPad is, after all, designed for touch. You swipe, drag and use gestures to move around.

Bringing Chrome or Safari from the desktop to iPad always felt like bringing a known app in a known environment to a new device where it really didn't fit. Even tabs, a location bar, a search bar, all feel a bit out of place. A touch-based browser really should be re-thought from the ground up. I don't know if Opera is going to do it with Coast but after using it for a few minutes on my iPad I can say it is a breath of fresh air. So easy to use.

Think about this experience from a child's point of view. Someone who has almost never used a desktop browser. Something like Coast would be second nature to them. Awesome.