We need more ways to discover great bloggers and blog posts

The Zemanta Tech Circle:

Tech Circle is a simple way to recommend highly related content from its members to the whole Circle. We’ve long been fans of a well curated blog roll, but with the shift to content streams and mobile consumption, often the blog roll simply never gets seen.

This isn’t really new and whether or not this works out will remain to be seen. However, I’m glad it is happening and I’d love to join in. It seems like a lot of the innovation behind content discoverability is getting poured into things like Twitter and Medium and it is leaving us bloggers out to dry. We need more ways to discover great bloggers and blog posts that extend well beyond the reach and interests of Hacker News and Reddit.

Obviously link blogs like Kottke, Waxy, Daring Fireball, and The Loop help a lot to circulate great stuff but these sites (with the exception of Kottke, I suppose) are fairly focused on tech. There is a lot of great blogging going on outside of tech and more of it needs to be passed around more often. I hope we see more of things like what Zemanta is doing.

/via Fred Wilson.

Somewhat related: I think there is a lot of room for innovation in blogging. Although we’re building Barley as a web editing platform one of our focuses going forward will be to bring new ideas to the blogging platform, the format and layout, and the general evolution of blogging. This includes things like content discoverability.

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