The web we lost

Anil Dash waxes poetic about the web of turn of the century before Facebook and Twitter. But then talks about what is happening now:

But we’re going to face a big challenge with re-educating a billion people about what the webmeans, akin to the years we spent as everyone moved off ofAOLa decade ago, teaching them that there was so much more to the experience of the Internet than what they know.

Facebook is definitely the modern-day America Online. Twitter the modern-day SMS. But our blogs are still here. And Google does a decent job of indexing them. And maybe, just maybe we’ll see aresurgenceof people "getting onto the web" asopposedto "getting on Facebook". But the only way that will happen is if these tools of yesterday get as much attention and focus as the social web. And I think I see that coming.

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