Why I’m shutting Nilai down

Nilai began as a labor of love for me. For a few months I’d spend an evening or so per week tapping out some code while watching a basketball game in my home pub. It was a lot of fun to work on and experiment with.

While the day job got in the way of me being able to make Nilai as truly great as I wanted it to be I ended up finding Nilai incredibly useful. I used it every day. But then, some really great new services began popping up such as Pocket and Kippt.

Fast-forward to today. I have little or no time to make the updates that I’d like to make to Nilai so I’ve decide to shut it down. If you go back to why I built Nilai in the first place, it was because I wanted a bookmarking service that would be around forever. So I’m going to keep the service running for a long time (because I still tend to use it every day and I know quite a few other users do too) but the service will no longer accept new sign ups and existing users will no longer be required to pay for their account.

Since Nilai’s users pay per-month I’ve already begun canceling the next scheduled payment from all users. If any users would like a refund I’ll gladly provide a full refund for every month you’ve already paid for whether you’ve used the service or not. If you want to continue using Nilai every day you may do so for as long as I keep it running. If you want a refund or an export of your data simply send me an email. Thanks so much for trying out this hobby with me. I had a lot of fun doing it.

If you’re looking to fill the void that Nilai did, I suggest using Kippt. Recently I’ve begun using this service and the team there really seems to care a lot about making the product truly valuable.