More writing tips from McSweeney's

Colin Nissan (great name, by the way) writes The Ultimate Guide to Writing Better Than You Normally Do. Great list... here's one tip:


Part of finding your own voice as a writer is finding your own grammar. Don’t spend your career lost in a sea of copycats when you can establish your own set of rules. If everyone’s putting periods at the end of their sentences, put yours in the middle of words. Will it be incredibly difficult to read? Yes it will. Will it set you on the path to becoming a literary pioneer? Tough to say, but you’re kind of out of options at this point.

I agree with the entire list but I especially agree with this tip. I have my own style of writing. I over use periods. I'm pretty terrible. However, I'm terrible on purpose. I want to be a decent writer and I certainly want my writing to be readable - but I don't necessarily care about following the rules perfectly. If I was worried about following the rules I'd never publish anything. I err on the side of publishing.