Reeder 3 for iPhone release (now supports Fever)

The latest release of Reeder for iPhone has just hit the App Store. All sorts of goodies in this release – copiously described and illustrated by Shawn Blanc.

However, a big, big thing that most posts aren’t mentioning is that Reeder 3 for iPhone supports Shaun Inman’s Fever. Why is this a big, big thing? Because Google Reader could be scuttled at any moment by our friends in Mountain View, California. I’m not calling for that but they’ve added and removed features on a whim and they aren’t charging to use Google Reader so if they wanted to shut it down they could. Fever you have to pay for. Fever you install on your own. I trust Fever to be around far longer than Google Reader. And since I use Reeder on my iPhone, iPad and Mac – every single day – I would like that to stay that way. Looks like I’ll be buying Fever soon.