If you make a reservation, keep your reservation.

Joanne Cronin on restaurant reservations that end up in no-shows:

This problem isn't limited just to Irish restaurants as I've also noticed similar complaints emerging from English tweeters. Understandably, restaurants are annoyed at these no-shows and late cancellations and the Restaurants Association of Ireland started a press campaign to highlight this issue. Many venues are considering implementing a deposit scheme at the time of booking, which will be refunded against the cost of the meal.

The message is simple - if you can't make your reservation, please get in touch with the venue to cancel, preferably giving as much notice as possible. It's just manners after all.

You'd never know it unless these restaurants spoke up but this is a big problem. Some of the restaurants that Joanne cites show around half of their reservations end up in no-shows. Not cancelled. Not postponed. They simply do not show up. Why are people doing this?

I don't know why but this reminds me of this. Opposite problem.

So, please, if you make a reservation, keep your reservation.