Om Malik on the tech start-up scene in Berlin

Om Malik on the tech start-up scene in Berlin:

The lack of classical German industries means it is a city with fewer jobs than other parts of Germany. It also means the city has lower wages compared to the rest of Germany and much of Europe. The sprawling nature of the city means that Berlin has lots of real estate. And that means low rents – catnip for artists, musicians and yes, the start-up community.

According to his report the tech start-up scene in Berlin is already doing great things, is poised to do even bigger and better things with a little help, and that we should all be watching.

I’m watching Om.

I recommend reading every word of Om’s report on Berlin but, as a matter of convenience, here are some of the companies he mentions; MyGuidie, 6Wunderkinder (who make the excellent Wunderlist), Amen, Gidsy, Pipe, Uberblic Labs, Upcload, Aupeo, Young Internet, SoundCloud, Txtr.

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