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St. James Place

In any tourist-driven areas the side streets are where the best places are. Where the cabbies, cooks, and old timers hang out. Eliza and I are in Atlantic City for a short getaway (she surprised me) and tonight we went to The Irish Pub, and I’m very glad we did.

The Irish Pub is a true pub. The drinks were cheap but good, the food was reasonable and excellent, and the company was as greasy as the fries (which is a good thing). Contrast that to the "bar" that is inside our resort – where the drinks were $14 each, we had no company, and they didn’t serve food. These types of touristy-flashy places have their place in the world – I just prefer the dives, the diners, and the pubs.

In every city I’ve ever been in the side streets, the alleyways – anywhere off the beaten path – has been where the best places are. This is why Eliza and I rarely plan our trips – we’d rather let them happen naturally by digging into the crevices of wherever we are.

We both highly recommend The Irish Pub. If you see Bill, the guy that looks like Leprechaun, tell him Colin and Eliza said hi. He’s great.

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