Want to get more done? Make things easy on yourself.

"I could never be disciplined enough to do that everyday."

There are a million-and-one tips on how to get things done. Books, applications, methods, processes, workflows. Nearly a year ago I postulated that it could be much easier than that. The best way to get things done is really just by bucking up and doing them.

But, we live complex lives and not everything is as simple or as fun as we’d like them to be. So how can we get more accomplished throughout the day without driving ourselves insane with process? What about doing the things we least like to do? Well, I think you need to make things easy on yourself. If you know that you are going to repeat a task many times, especially tasks that you don’t like to do very much, it is best to figure out a way to make it as easy as possible to succeed at it. Rewards are also good.

Perhaps you’d like to begin exercising each day and you can’t seem to find the time or the motivation to do it. Why not purchase a Kinect or a Wii that let you use your body as the controller? Play a game and get a workout all at once. What about mundane tasks that you don’t want to deal with like filing your taxes quarterly? Perhaps you could spend one night getting your finances set up into a spiffy piece of software that will help you do it quicker then, every time you file, treat yourself to your favorite restaurant or drink. Maybe you want to do write on your blog everyday? Where is your favorite place and time to write? Do it there and with a rewarding glass of wine next to you.

If you have a task that you have to do often and it takes you a long time to do it, always try to find a way to make it quicker to do. Cooking meals is a good example of this. Many people don’t cook for themselves anymore because it takes too long. Why not prepare a bunch of meals on Sunday night with a friend and some music? Freeze or bag up a meal for each night of the week. You’ll save money and time, lose weight, and have fun with a friend.

Stop thinking of all of the things you’d rather not do in a negative way. Start thinking of fun ways to make these tasks easier and more enjoyable to do. Who knows, maybe after a few times you’ll start wanting to do them instead of avoiding them!

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