WordPress for iOS 2.7.1. Two key updates.

Even though there is yet to be an announcement on the WordPress for iOS blog, 2.7.1 has been released on the App Store and it comes with two key updates (at least from this blogger’s chair).

  • Photo and video uploads now work on iPad 2

  • Made the post status (such as "Draft") more clear in the posts list

I use my iPad to write posts and, now that I have iPad 2, I hope to do it a lot more often while on the go. WordPress for iOS has been making very steady progress lately and this update is a very timely one.

Why are these updates key for me? Because iPad 2 would instantly crash when trying to add a photo to a blog post. I was able to work around it by using iPhone but it was pretty frustrating. Also, I write posts, save them as drafts, and then schedule them for publishing all from my iPad. This allows me to pick the time that a post gets published regardless of when I feel impelled to write it and also gives me time to edit them (which I did poorly on yesterday’s post). Being able to see which posts are in draft right in the posts list is a very welcomed update.

Thanks WordPress for iOS team.

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