How to really get things done.

We humans like to obsess over things simply as a way to distract ourselves from what really needs to happen. There are many examples of this in life, such as a widow obsessing over the funeral details to distract herself from her own sorrow, but no one more apparent than the obsession with "Getting Things Done".

Countless tools, applications, notebooks, widgets, stickies and other ways of organizing our tasks to help us accomplish them are at our disposal. The Productivity category in Apple’s App Store, as an example, is filled to the gills. However, really, we’re just ignoring the easiest way to help get things accomplished. Doing.

The other day I came home from the office when Eliza regaled me with an exhaustive list of all of the things she accomplished in my absence. I then proceeded to ask one of the stupidest questions I’ve ever asked her: "How did you get all of that done?". She didn’t skip a beat at my foolish question and simply said "I just did them."

And therein lies the secret. The real way to get more done is not about obsessing over how to schedule your days tasks, prioritize them, group them, put them into buckets, check them off, have them with you on every device … these are simply better ways to remember.

Want to get more done? Just do.

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