\”Gone to Sleep\” by Moby and Kelli Scarr

Project Song is a neat thing put together by All Things Considered host Bob Boilen wherein artists have two days to put together an entire song. The process is quite fascinating.

"Gone to Sleep" is a product of this process with Moby and Kelli Scarr and the 16-minute featurette is nothing short of awesome. Moby and Kelli managed to finish their song in under 8 hours so they spent the entire second-day doing a few other versions of the song as well as a Tiny Desk Concert (another series at NPR) for the NPR staff.

Here is Moby’s opinion of the song and process from his journal:

"i’m really proud of it, to be honest.  writing and recording and mixing a song in a day is a daunting process, and i’m really happy with how it turned out.   and i think that kelli’s vocals sound beautiful."

You can watch the video, download the entire song in all of its versions, and watch the concert for free.

I love NPR.

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