Revision3 offers Conan a job/stake in the company

Revision3, the Internet video network that brought you DIGG Nation, The Totally Rad Show, Scam School, and other very popular video podcasts, is offering Conan O’Brien a spot on their network. What’s more they are offering a fair stake in the company itself to Conan if he decided to make the jump.

Jim Louderback, the CEO of Revision3, also provided his reasoning on the matter. I believe his comparison to Howard Stern and satellite radio is apt.

I think this bold move is great for a company like Revision3 to make. I hope there is some dialogue that carries on as a result of this move that, at the very least, puts the Internet into the mix for anyone that does traditional TV and wants something different. It may not be Conan’s choice but if it even makes it “a choice” for Conan that will be a success.