A haircut. For me, by me.

As I said in a recent Random 60 about haircuts, I am not too picky when it comes to my hair. Then, on the Twitter, I mentioned that I was thinking of cutting my own hair. Many of you said to go for it. Then, a few days ago Eliza came home with some clippers for me to get to work. So I did. And here are the results.

Grumpy long haired Colin

"Grumpy, long haired Colin."

Unsure, but getting there Colin.

"Unsure, but getting there Colin."

Good for the first try Colin.

"Good for the first try Colin."

Satisfied for now Colin.

"Satisfied for now Colin"

Total elapsed time: about 45 minutes. I think I will need Eliza's help to clean up the neck line a little and I will be able to do a much better, much quicker job next time but I'm pretty satisfied for my first try. I'll only get better at it from here and, after today, I'll be saving money every single time I cut my hair.