Weigh in: November 16, 2009

What a great week on The Diet! As I said on the Twitter I was able to get a sufficient level of fitness in this week. On Tuesday I jogged six miles (or 10K), on Wednesday I did the P90X Kenpo X routine, on Friday I fit in another 5K jog, on Saturday I did the P90X X-Stretch routine (stretching improves everything) and played basketball for a few hours, and on Sunday I moved furniture in the afternoon (hey, everything counts!).

This is what I said were my goals for the week were last week.

"My goals for this week, besides being under 203 pounds, are that I eat much better, drink only 1 night, jog at least 10 miles total for the week, and doing one other active thing this week."

How did I do? I'm a little under the weather today so I won't be weighing in today (illness notoriously forces your body to hold water, weighing in may not be accurate). So I'll find out next week how I really did, but my guess is that I made my goal for this week's weigh in. I ate a lot better (more often, less calories). I drank two nights instead of one but that is better than four. I jogged just over 9 miles for the week so I was one shy of my goal, however I said I wanted to do "one other active thing this week" but I managed to do four (two P90X routines, basketball, furniture moving).

Overall a fantastic week regardless of how much I actually weigh. Weight isn't everything.

So, goals for next week: 201 pounds (though I'd love to be under 200), jog 12 miles (an extra 5K), two P90X routines, drink only 1 beer total, less sweets (as I eat a brownie), and basketball.