A few Tweetie 2 for Mac wishes

Tweetie on Mac

Tweetie on Mac

But, you just got done saying how much you loved Tweetie 2 for iPhone. You want more? Well, yes I do.

I am now using both Tweetie on my Mac and on my iPhone. On the day I bought Tweetie for iPhone I immediately began to wish that the two of them ‘worked together’ a little better. So here is my short list:

  • Full “persistence” between the two. Tweetie for iPhone remembers where you are (even if you quit the app). I’d like both Tweetie for iPhone and Tweetie on the Mac to know where each other is. This would save me from ever reading a tweet twice and from a lot of scrolling.
  • Tweetie 2 for iPhone syncs with Twitter’s saved searches feature. I think Tweetie for Mac should too.
  • Drafts syncing. I didn’t realize the value of having Tweet drafts until I used Tweetie 2. And now I can’t wait to see them in Tweetie on the Mac.

I’m really happy with my current state of Twitter applications. But all geeks wish for that which they do not have. So this is me just being a typical geek.