Camping in Chenango Valley State Park

Camping in Chenango, NY in 2004

Taken on October 14, 2004.

Five years ago today: Again, I’m late on this one. For a fair stretch of time I was camping every single year in Chenango Valley State Park with family and friends. This particular year, I remember, it was rather cold a few of the nights. I was sleeping alone in the tent (Eliza wouldn’t have it being that cold) and I recall waking up with frost on my nose. No, I didn’t sleep in that camper.

Oh, I’m the guy looking incredibly tired in the middle. I’m tired because it was probably very, very early in the morning. But when I’m camping there is no way that I will miss breakfast. It is my most favorite part of camping. And, even though we’d be up all night doing who knows what, I have to be awake in the morning for breakfast – no matter how early.

To my left is my brother-in-law Chris and to my right is one of his employees Ryan.