My favorite places to visit within 2 hours of my home

So this is a bit to chew. My friend and follow Viddler team member Kyle Slattery, a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, suggested on my suggestions page (which has a little spam on it right now, sorry about that) that I write about some “favorite places you’ve visited less than 2 hours from your home”.

Wow. This could be a really, really long list. I would say most people’s favorite places are within 2 hours from their home because, well, they are relatively close to their home. Obviously I have some favorite places on this earth that are no where near where I live (which is in northeastern Pennsylvania, btw). Hawai’i, New York City, some places in North Carolina and Florida, as well as various locations in California all immediately spring to mind. But they don’t count!

So, since this list will be too incredibly long to deal with – lets focus for a bit and simply create a tag here on the blog to create this list overtime. We’ll call this tag 2hourfavs.

Watch that tag. It will probably get pretty big.