Another Brightkite break

Jacob Burke, like me, is taking a Brightkite break. His reasons are very close to my own. He writes:

“There are things about the site that had me hooked for quite a while. But, I am starting to notice that it gets annoying to update my status on Brightkite and then go and check Twitter to see what everyone else is up to.” … “Don’t get me wrong, I think Brightkite is a stellar network and they have a number of features that I really like. It is nice to go back through my history of updates to see where I have sent updates from and where my travels have led me for that week, I am also a fan of being able to comment on posts. But, there are also things that I am still waiting for – a desktop application, more search options, timestamps in my timezone, and less downtime.”

I experienced very little downtime on Brightkite though I didn’t take full advantage of the SMS features, which is where a lot of downtime happens on these services.

By way of update, I’m keeping my current location up-to-date on Brightkite. It appears on the sidebar of my blog and I like keeping track of the places I’ve been. I still don’t know how long this break I am taking will last.