The Egyptian hieroglyphs from LOST episode “Some Like It Hoth”

Since I’ve seen more than a few people reference the fact that Jack Shephard was erasing some Egyptian hieroglyphs and information from the chalk board in last night’s episode of LOST, which was brilliantly entitled “Some Like It Hoth”, I figured I would post some screenshots from that moment.

Jack and information on Egyptians

Hieroglyphs on chalkboard.

Something I hadn’t really noticed, which is mentioned on LOSTpedia, is that “When Jack is doing Roger’s work for him the chalk board is filled with material. In multiple shots afterward, the board is erased in random parts with previously erased parts reoccurring.”

If you have any better screenshots or find any online please link them up in the comments.

Side note: I think season five of LOST is shaping up to be the best season yet. We’ll see if it has a strong finish.