Random 60: Calendars

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Random 60: Calendars Favorite on Viddler.

I don’t know about you but I love calendars. If I didn’t self-impose a limit of two my wall would be filled with calendars of all types. Right now I have a stunning Hawai’i calendar hanging up (thanks to Eliza). It has photos from different islands that make up Hawai’i. And I also have a National Parks calendar that is a yearly gift from my brother-in-law from South Dakota, John. This calendar is big, has amazing photographs from many of the National Parks in North America, and is extremely well designed.

Do you have any calendars? If so, share them in the comments. Oh – and if you’re going to post a photo of your calendar just paste the link to the calendar and I will fix your comment to include a photograph. The penmanship episode really turned out terrific with photos so thanks to all those that participated over there.