Sampling Twitter

DeWitt Clinton, heckuva name, recently sampled some Twitter data to determine the number of active users on Twitter. The sampling is rather exhaustive (at least for this guy with ADD ((I don’t really have ADD.)) !) and, if accurate, would shed a lot of light on a number of things.

I’ve done my own, rather simplified version, of sampling some Twitter data. I was primarily trying to determine the number of “real followers” I had as opposed to what Twitter says. I came up with much lower numbers than Clinton did, but then again his sampling was much larger. At current my Twitter account hovers around 1,600 followers. If Clinton’s data is accurate, that puts me at about 350 active followers.

That seems to be right on the money. Either way, it shows that those that have tens of thousands of followers on Twitter really don’t have that kind of pull. But they still have about 30% of that pull.

Source: Sampling Twitter.

Via: Andy Baio.