Six shirts I want to buy at Threadless

The design community over at Threadless has been on a tear lately. Threadless has always been a great resource for well-designed tshirts that, and this is the important part to me, not many other people will probably have. I own several Threadless tshirts and I almost always get a comment when I’m wearing one.

There was a noticeable lull in the quality of the designs in late 2007 – early 2008. I don’t know how long it lasted exactly but it is no longer an issue. Threadless has done what they’ve needed to do (incentivize the community through rewards, interaction, and a heckuva Web site) to bring the quality back up to, and perhaps beyond, where it was.

Here are a few shirts that I’ve enjoyed in recent months that I fully plan on getting my hands on.

Shirt: 80s Shirt: Iceberg Shirt: Panda Shirt: Flowing

Shirt: Find anything? Shirt: Sushi

Don’t feel bad if you want to pick up one of these shirts for yourself. They’re amazing. The first four are actually up for design of the year! If you do, purchase one of these shirts that is, I’ll earn a few credits to pick up one or more of them at a reduced price – so by all means buy buy buy!

Do you have any favorite shirts or prints at Threadless? What about other sites?