Something new, something fun

While in Las Vegas Kyle, Rob, and I stopped at a Peter Lik photo gallery.  His gallery in Caesar’s Palace is breath taking (as I stated on Twitter but spelled breath wrong).  I didn’t know he had a gallery in the Venetian and Mandalay Bay, else I would have been sure to fit those in too.

As I was going through my photos from Las Vegas, which I’m still not done publishing yet, I thought of framing them the way Peter Lik does.  Peter Lik’s framing work is what makes his work so great.  If he has a photo of bamboo from South East Asia, he actually uses bamboo to frame the over-sized photo. If you’ve never been to a Peter Lik gallery, and you’re a photo nut, please do yourself a favor and drop in.

Then I had a thought. If I’m going to turn some of these photos into header images for my site, why not “frame” them the way Peter Lik would.  I can’t, without a lot of work, wrap my site in bamboo shoots. But I can, at the very least, change the background color of my site to “frame” the header.

So that is what I’ve now done.  Refresh this or any page of my site to see some of the color / photo combinations I have so far.  As of this writing there are 15 combinations ((As soon as I can I will create a page for you to be able to view them all without the need of refreshing so often.)).

Oh, as an aside: By removing that old paper bag background I also slimmed my page load time quite a lot. So there is a double-benefit!  I think the paper bag background was around 214Kb.