Get a Brightkite sticker, Viddler Tshirt and sticker!

Brightkite, in their infinite generosity, sent me a few stickers that I could give away here on my site.  When I got them in the mail yesterday I immediately began to think of a fun way to give them away, and I think I've come up with an easy and fun way.

Photo credit: Chris Tingom

And I think I can find some Viddler tshirts laying around to give away with the stickers.  These people seem to like them, so maybe you will too!

How to "win" a Brightkite sticker and a Viddler tshirt!

Let's keep this simple, shall we?

  1. Create a Viddler account.

  2. Friend me on Viddler!

  3. Leave a video comment on this post stating about why you'd like a sticker and a tshirt ((Bonus points if you show where you'd put the sticker. Keep it clean.)).

Pretty simple.  If you have a Brightkite account already, friend me up there as well, but if you don't your sticker will also come with an invite.

There will be 8 winners!  I will select the winners based on the video.  If you don't have a video camera attached to your computer, you can upload a video to Viddler first and then select it using the Viddler Wordpress plugin (just click the link by the comment box and you should be able to figure out the rest).

You can put in entries until tomorrow at noon.

Update: Rob has some Viddler stickers so we're going to add those to the mix as well!

A note to Brightkite admins: If you have any invites you can drop into my bucket, please do and I will personally invite anyone that leaves a comment on this post.