Search Google Docs and Bookmarks with Spotlight using Precipitate

Even though I don’t like Spotlight’s window in Leopard as much as I did the one in Tiger, I still use Spotlight extensively to launch applications, find files and directories, and search through documents, email messages, instant messages, and much more.

However, more and more data is being stored “in the cloud” and so Spotlight sometimes needs to learn new tricks to keep up with the times.  Google Docs is a perfect example of cloud computing/storage.  I use it for personal documents that I need to collaborate with people on and Viddler uses it every single day.

Google’s Precipitate “… lets you search for and launch the information you have stored in the cloud from within Spotlight or Google Desktop for Mac”.  Essentially it does something I’ve always wanted to do; create a simple file and link it to the Web.  Spotlight indexes the file’s information, but the link opens a browser ((Now I just need to force Spotlight to open these links in and I’d be all set.)).

Give it a spin!

Source: precipitate – Google Code.