Live testing the Tumblr-esque redesign

To be completely honest, I’m no where near "done" on this redesign but spending a few minutes each day is just killing me. So I thought I’d do some live testing, and ask for some preliminary feedback.

If you have anything you’d like to gripe about, please do so in the comments. Oh, and watch this post for massive amounts of updates as I tweak things over the coming few days. I’m looking forward to fleshing out this redesign to the extent I did my last one.


6:03pm: Fixed some oddities with the Twitter thingy on the front page.

6:09pm: Adjusted a few of the links/images.

6:15pm To show off how the mobile photos work, I added one. Take a look at the front page now.

11:25pm Fixed the archive.

11:35pm Added a link to the videos section to the header and increased the font size of the front page.

April 8th, 4:00pm Got the cron job for Mobile photos working again, thanks to Lee Adkins for his help via Twitter / Email. Also now the Photos show up on the front page like Mobile photos.

April 15th, 10:10pm: I’ve made some small changes to the about page and fixed the photos and mobile photos pages for now until I can give them some real attention.

April 29th, 10:10am: I created 2 new header images, in addition to the one from the Philadelphia Museum of Art steps, and set them to randomly change as you bounce around the site.  I hope to some day find the time to have as many as ten random header images. 

Some other notes

No, this isn’t a Tumblr theme. This is Kubrick, originally developed by my friend Michael Heilemann for WordPress, with a few tweaks. I like the simplicity that many Tumblr themes offer and so I decided to go more in that direction than in the direction I was going.

More soon.

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