All photos now available for iPhone

Something I’ve wanted to do since launching the Photos section of my site was to offer each of them as backgrounds for iPhone. I’m happy to say that I’ve finally gotten around to doing just that.

iPhone download icon

You’ll notice in the upper right hand corner of each photo’s page is a small icon of an iPhone. Clicking that will bring you to the image that has been cropped for use as an iPhone background.

Clicking on each photo, then clicking on the iPhone, then downloading the image, might seem like a pain – so I’ve created a zip file, which contains every photo to-date, that will be updated every time I publish a new photo. You can find this zip by clicking on the iPhone on the main Photo index.

Three example iPhone backgrounds.

I’m releasing these photos under the same license as the rest of my site (see footer). In other words, you can take them and use them as you’d like, but don’t sell them, mmkay?

So go page through some of the photos and grab some.