An exciting day at ViddlerHQ

Due to geographic and scheduling limitations I only get down to ViddlerHQ once every few weeks. We’re working hard to change that for the near future – but historically because of scheduling conflicts there just isn’t someone at ViddlerHQ every single day of the week.

All of that aside: When the Viddler team gets together in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania we have some crazy times. Today was no exception.

Today we met with the Haydenfilms team. Haydenfilms has a great history. What began as an idea in 2001 to "enhance artistic vitality of collaborative film projects" resulted in a company "dedicated to the support and development of emerging independent, and student film producers". And this is exactly what Haydenfilms has done over the last few years with great success.

Hayden and I recorded a MeToday.

Hayden Craddolph, founder of Haydenfilms, and his team stopped by ViddlerHQ today to brain storm about how Viddler and Haydenfilms can collaborate on this year’s Haydenfilms Online Film Festival. Between the meeting we had a few months ago and our meeting today – we’ve now laid the ground work for what I believe will be a great relationship between two companies that I feel share a very similar vision; "the empowerment of community".

Haydenfilms shares Viddler’s mantra of allowing the community to be the driving force behind everything the company does. Unlike many film festivals, the entries into the contest for the annual Online Film Festival are not chosen by a committee or a party wrought with political and social turmoil – but rather by the community of those that created and/or enjoy this content.

We’ll have more details on our site, and the main Haydenfilms site, about exactly how you can help make this year’s Online Film Festival (happening between August 30th and October 30th) the best yet. And – by participating in the selection process – you can come to New York City and hang out at the red carpet event in January of 2008 in celebration of these films complete with the teams behind the top four films, celebrities, the Haydenfilms and Viddler teams, and much, much more.

I’m definitely looking forward to seeing how this all plays out.

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