Goin, goin, back, back to Philly, Philly

Cira Centre

Cira Center - Philadelphia, PA - Circa April 2006

This Wednesday evening through Friday evening I'll be in Philadelphia attending Blog Philadelphia. I'm looking forward to this conference for many reasons - the first of which is because it is in my home state!

The schedule looks promising with there being plenty of time for some great sessions to occur. Its like an unconference with some guidelines, definitely something up my alley.

The sessions I'm looking forward to most include my friend Alex Hillman's "Being Independent Doesn’t Mean Working Alone" which should focus on his coworking efforts in Philadelphia. Another friend of mine, Scott McNulty, will be leading a few sessions about "How to deal with negative comments" and "Blogging: Is it better in groups" about his experiences at TUAW. Can't wait to see these guys in action!

If you are going to be in Philadelphia later in the week and would like to meet up, leave me a comment or email me. Hopefully I will find enough time to meet with everyone who has told me they'll be around so far. See you in Philly!