BlogPhiladelphia – Day 0

10:00am – I’m going to be “live blogging” the BlogPhiladelphia experience starting today and into Friday. Unlike my previous live blogging attempts I am going to split this experience up by day. Tomorrow is day one of BlogPhiladelphia so today must be day zero!

I’m aiming to leave for Philadelphia around 4pm, get a haircut, and then begin my drive southeast. So, I guess watch this space for the rest of the day, and my blog for tomorrow and Friday’s posts, and the blogphiladelphia tag on Viddler if you’d like to experience BlogPhiladelphia with me.

10:15am – I’ll also be updating my Twitter account with small bits here and there. Use that as your way to find out where I am in Philadelphia (especially for those of you that are going to be there), and also for small previews for information that will probably find its way onto my blog.

Please use the comments section of this post, and the proceeding two posts for each day, as a way to link to other resources regarding BlogPhiladelphia (including wikis, IRC chat rooms, blog posts, photos, videos, etc.) and I will do my best to include these in the posts as well. Many thanks to anyone that can help out.

11:00am – Somewhat related, since many of the bloggers in Philadelphia do indeed use video, I just posted on the Viddler blog about the video shot by Viddler’s President Rob Sandie (sandieman) at the NY Video 2.0 July Meetup where a panel from industry leaders discussed “What’s Next in Online Video Advertising?”. A very interesting topic for content producers that would like to make money from the video that they share online. So while I put together a demo of Viddler that I’m hoping to present on Friday in Philadelphia, watch the video!

11:15am – My good friend Alex Hillman just posted on his blog “holy crap, that’s tomorrow: blogphiladelphia” wherein he covers the history of his involvment and also gives a fairly good overview of the goings-on for the next few days. A good post to read if you need a crash course in BlogPhiladelphia. He also mentions that he will not be live blogging this time because he’ll be too busy – hopefully between Rob’s videos and my postings, we can pick up the slack.

12:00pm – The official BlogPhiladelphia Web site was missing a few key details, or at least they were hard to find, in that I couldn’t find any information about “where” things were happening in the city. So I pinged Alex Hillman and asked him to look into it. He responded amazingly fast by editing the header of the main site as well as writing up this post. Thanks Alex! I’ve now updated my iPhone with all of the relevant locations and hopefully I won’t get lost too many times!

1:00pm – Stan from Toonamation asked an interesting question on the official site so I thought I’d replicate it here as a resource for those looking for a place to park their car if you’re only staying in Philadelphia for one of the days. Here are all the locations to park near the Radisson Hotel where the unconference is located.

4:15pm – Heading out the door and hitting the road. First top: Gas. Then, haircut. Then, hopefully… the hotel. See you soon Philly! Follow my Twitter and Flickr for updates until I get wifi at the hotel.

1:51am – Sorry I didn’t post more but things got a little crazy. I’ll be trying, my best, to live blog the event tomorrow. Let me clarify what I will be live blogging too… My experiences at the event. I can’t possibly cover, nor attend, every single session. I hope that I can bring all of you along with me to the event… but brining you complete coverage of all of the information would be nearly impossible. I think there will be a strong need for this event, and future events like this, to be covered by a dedicated team of bloggers. Any takers?

Being updated periodically throughout the day, stay tuned…