Weigh in: Week Fifty Three

If I have a bad week on the diet it is usually caused by one of the following two things. First, I may have skipped my running, sports, or working out at the gym sometime during the week. Or, second, I may not have eaten well during the week.

Usually if I do not eat well my exercise routine makes up for it. As I've seen in previous weigh ins I won't normally gain even though I decided to eat a bunch of food. However, when I don't workout and I eat like crap - this generally leads to me gaining a few pounds. A no-brainer, I know.

So this week I'm up 5 pounds from last week, weighing in at 190.00 pounds. At first I was mad, almost disgusted, with myself. But, after waiting a day I see my levels are already beginning to balance out and it is nothing to get mad about since as long as I focus on getting my diet and exercise back on track - I'll be just fine in a few days.

Ebbs and flows happen on diets and usually they can be calculated, but even when they can't, I've learned to keep my head up and focus on the next goal. Keep moving forward.

Here's to a great weigh in this coming Tuesday. Oh, and it will be the start of WWDC so there will be two reasons to be excited!