Sorry Viddlers! I messed up featuring videos

Every single day I feature a video at Viddler. Since joining the team in January of this year I've strived to do this everyday, even while on vacation. Though I've missed many days since my track record has slowly improved as we were able to improve the featuring system (you can see how well I've been doing by looking at the featured video calendar). Each time a Viddler's video is featured they get an entry on our blog, they appear on the front page of our site for 24 hours, and they are on the Explore page for 7 days. This gives the video a decent amount of exposure which is increasing over time, which makes this process more and more important to get right every day.

On Friday I had gone to a friend's house before heading to a concert with some friends (photo and video). For whatever reason the bandwidth had been horrible and I was unable to publish the featured video for two days in a row (they got saved as drafts ?).

The reason I'm putting this out here as public knowledge is because I wanted to say sorry to the two users that would have gotten much more exposure for their videos if I hadn't messed up (I've messaged them). So I'm sorry to realmacsoftware who shared their RapidWeaver videos with the Viddler community in order to promote their product. Definitely take the time to view the RapidWeaver Quick Start Guide and take a look at their software as it seems very well thought-out and intuitive. I plan on downloading a trial and giving it a try this week. I'm also sorry to entr200 who gave us all a great tip on how to get a wine cork out of a bottle.

I'm hoping to setup a slightly better system where I'm 24 hours ahead of the game so that I am able to plan for outages, vacations, and even have Rob feature a few videos when I'm not around.

Be sure to subscribe to the Viddler blog so that you can see what videos are being featured. I'm really proud of all the great content that the Viddler community is sharing on a daily basis.