Weigh in: Week Fifty

This week marks the fiftieth week of the-diet for me and several others that have been here since the beginning. I think something special should be done for week fifty two (which falls on the 29th of this month). Hmmm, ideas?

So, this morning I weighed in at 185lbs. which is a loss of 1.6 pounds from last week putting me at an overall loss of 40.6 pounds! This also sets my BMI, according to this BMI formula, at 24.4 which is within the “healthy” range. So I’m really happy to have achieved this goal.

This BMI business is probably not the best “scale” to base goals off of but at least it is something that says I’m headed in the right direction. Being within the healthy range is a good feeling but I’m barely inside of that range. Does this mean I should set a new goal for weight loss or remain where I am? I’m hoping that getting my food diet under control will actually help me to shed some more fat while allowing me to build some muscle. But this won’t change my BMI since it only takes weight and height into consideration.

So I am not sure what my next goal should be. Being a goal oriented person I think I’m going to have to figure out something to stay focused on. Perhaps body-fat percentage?

No matter what, I’m extremely pleased with my progress and incredibly happy that I’ve been able to stick to this diet as long as I have.

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