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Over the last few days TUG.n has been down. However, I’ve been experiencing problems with email for months, and I never even knew it. I’ve had everyone from clients to my mother telling me that I did not get their emails. My main personal email address is currently cdevroe(at) and has been for 5 years. It turns out that my ChanceCube email is also outta whack, though the site is up. To top it all off, my phone number seems to not be "callable" from Japan!!

Currently I use Assurance Hosting as my registrar. But I’m switching away from it because even though I’ve setup all of my domains to "auto-renew", they have never, ever done so. I’m using Dreamhost for many of my sites (not this site, I use Sonnex for this site and I’ve never had any trouble). And I’m using my local cable company for phone (voip) and Internet service.

At the moment, all of these services suck. I’ve put up with them for far too long and I’m going to attempt to move all of them over the next few weeks. Any suggestions? I want an easy transfer of all of my domains (registrar), my email addresses, my sites, files, databases, the entire thing. I do not want to put up with this much downtime ever again.

For those of you trying to reach me at the moment: email me at which now completely uses Google’s hosted email service and I’m checking it through the web interface since it fails to relay anything via POP properly. This is costing me a great deal of money, so I’d like my next switch to be to something very reliable.

I’ll even sign up under someone’s affiliate account if they can direct me towards something good.

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