Does Google My Maps allow video embeds?

I’ve been playing around with Google My Maps ever since they were released and I’m still having trouble using embedded videos.

At first I thought that I somehow had to ask Google to whitelist Viddler as a video provider. But since then I’ve tried random YouTube videos to test and I have even had trouble getting those to show up.

According to the FAQ Google "recommends" using "YouTube or Google Video". It doesn’t necessarily say that you can not use any other services, but for the one’s I’ve tried I’ve not been able to get them to work.

My method for trying to add videos to My Maps is this:

  1. Place placemark on map.

  2. Copy HTML embed code from any video service.

  3. Paste into HTML editing view on My Maps.

  4. Save.

However, it is easy to be fooled because everything works up until step 4. Until you actually save the map, your videos will appear just fine. Once you save, the HTML embed gets "ripped" out.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to 1) get embeds to work? 2) get Viddler whitelisted for My Maps? I would really like to finish my Viddler @ SXSW Google Map.

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