The multiple ways that I “blog”

This may seem like a weird topic but it has been burning a hole in the back of my brain for a few days so I thought I’d ask everyone. I’m currently “blogging” four very different ways and I was wondering if anyone else was too.

My personal weblog is the first way that I “blog”*. I use it to gather together most of the ways that I blog. If you haven’t seen my home page lately, I suggest you check it out. I wish I actually had the time, and the creativity, to write more often on my blog.

I also write on TUG.n (which is about to get a kick in the pants in March), ChanceCube (which is also going to get a kick in the pants), and the Viddler blog (which is bustling like crazy actually and we’re really happy with what we’ve been able to do there in such a short period of time).

My MeToday photos is another way that “blog”. Almost daily photo updates wherein I explain what I am currently doing, or just whatever I feel like. I’m hoping to continue this (though I may migrate it onto my site as a copy or something) for quite awhile. There are many others that do it too and it keeps growing.

My current statuses that I post to Twitter is another form of blogging. Instead of just saying “Away”, or “In the office.” as a status, I try to add a little more to it. I’ve been scalded for my number of updates so I am continually trying to strike a balance.

My videos on Viddler may not be very structured at the moment, but I have some plans in the works. I probably won’t structure it like a typical “video blog” but I plan on adding a ton of fun content to it over the next few months. More on this later.

So how many ways do you produce content? How many ways do you blog? I’m at four and I hope I don’t add any more anytime soon.

* By blog I mean put my thoughts into content. In my opinion there are many various forms of blogging that span the different types of media.

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