Fatblogging about the diet

Jason Calacanis is "fat blogging". Congrats Jason on the new effort to shed a few pounds. I'm excited to see efforts like the diet in so many shapes and forms out there.

There are a ton of people joining the fat blogging movement, even Kevin Smith (who started his diet thing just before Jason did).

So I thought to myself, why not. Why not join Jason, or just as well have him join all of us, in the diet or fat blogging. The more the merrier I say.

So here we are Jason. Here to help encourage you, and other "fat bloggers", to help you all achieve your goals as we have done for each other over the last thirty eight weeks. I bring with me nearly 50 others. Hopefully some of the stories we've already written will help to inspire those that are just starting out - and the recent new comer's spirit will help to reinvigorate the rest of us that started so long ago.

We've got a page dedicated to our diet and a flickr group (for photos and those who do not have a blog). You're more than welcome to join either of those if you'd like.

A note to all dieters: Check out Jason's blog and those of whom are joining his fat blogging movement. Lets see if we can help to encourage those that are putting forth the effort as we did when we were first starting out.

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