Weigh in: Week Thirty Seven

Right after I wrote my "I'm doing just fine and I actually like the gym" post for week thirty two, the entire schedule got blown away and it has been more miss than hit with the gym. My basketball schedule has been lax since winter started though I get to play at least once or twice per week, though for shorter durations on smaller courts. Vastly different from the schedule I kept during the summer.

What is this huge wake up call that I speak of? That I'm up 14 pounds from the peak of my success on the diet. I'm not discouraged, just motivated to hop back on the health-wagon and pay more attention to detail. Details like eating wings and drinking beer on the weekends (which stops now until at least summer time). I am going to make an effort to only have a single glass of wine per week (most likely our homemade wine that Eliza and I made). And I'm going back on the calorie watch.

I have a feeling that I will continue to have ebbs and flows like this for the rest of my life. Which is fine by me, so long as it keeps me from getting up to 226 pounds again, something I never want to see ever again. Weighing in is obviously the most motivating way, for me, to keep myself on track. And I'm going to make a real effort to do this every Tuesday again for the foreseeable future. Call me out on it if I miss.

I look forward to watching the numbers starting to decrease again. Will you join me?

After the recent revamp of my site, I updated the diet page and emailed pretty much everyone who I could find their email address, and comment on the blogs of those I couldn't, to see if they'd like to remain on the diet. So if your name is on the list it is either because you are still active on the diet, or you've responded to me saying that you're ready to give this thing another go. So please start weighing in again, and lets start seeing some progress and helping each other to stay motivated.

I know I need the help.

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