Upgraded to WordPress 2.1

WordPress 2.1 has been released, and some of the latest features intrigued me (mostly the speed improvements and the fact that one of the official MySQL dudes went through all of the queries), so I’ve upgraded this site to “Ella”.

If you experience any problems, let me know. If you don’t, upgrade your own blog to the latest version because, from what I’m seeing so far, it is definitely a lot faster and cleaner than it was previously.

UPDATE: One of the features that I didn’t see documented elsewhere, but I have found to be a really nice addition, is that now when you post a comment you are automatically redirected back to your comment instead of just the post’s permalink. So, if I’m the third comment on a page – I no longer need to scroll down to make sure my comment was recorded properly – WordPress forwards me right to my comment’s bookmark.

Go ‘head, give it a whirl here on my blog on any post. Pretty cool.

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