The silence is deafening

Quick update: PodTech and Seagate held a competition. I entered. They announced the winners. It looked like I won, but I didn't.

But something has gone wrong.

There was supposed to be third place winner(s). They did not list a single third-place winner. A number of us asked in the comments, and on our blogs, what was going on and why no third-place winners were announced. No response.

A blogging (podcast, vidcast) community / business, such as PodTech, that does not respond to conversations that it itself starts is very strange behavior. Either they are not being notified of comments from their own blog or they are simply up to their necks with other tasks.

I doubt that any of us care about the "pocket-drives" that we may nor may not be entitled to, we'd just like our questions answered. If anyone has the ear of anyone at PodTech or Seagate, please notify them of what is going on.

Update Jan 18th @ 11pm or so: I got an email asking for my mailing address, so even though I am happy to have actually won something, I'm more happy that there was some type of response.

Not sure why this is being taken care of via email rather than answering comments or updating the blog posts - but at least progress is being made.

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