Live from Viddler HQ

For those of you that do not know, I’m filling in over at Viddler as a Community Evangelist for awhile. We’ve been making great progress so far, and today I’m heading down to Viddler’s headquarters in Bethlehem, PA (about an hour and half from our apartment).

You can look at my profile over on Viddler, subscribe to the Viddler blog, or just learn how to use the service – while you’re following me around today.

6:00am – Just showered and fired up my Macbook to get last minute directions. I’m going a different way than I did the first time because I’m dropping Eliza off at some friend’s in Slatington (the Rosarios) before heading into Bethlehem.

It snowed last night! I got all of my gear ready (camera, ipod, laptop, etc.) and I’m going to start the Jeep up early. First time I’ve had to do that all winter. Off I go, next time I blog will be from the Viddler HQ more than likely.

9:19am – Just arrived at Viddler. Man, what a hassle with the ice and snow! I didn’t account for school buses or blinding sun on icy roads.

Of all things, Rob and I are talking about how Web 2.0 Viddler is. Oh, and we’re going to start posting in the new Viddler forums!

9:59am – The forums are up and running and you can even use video to respond or post in the forums. Very slick.

10:25am – Just finished a quick video, in better quality, letting people know you can respond to forum threads with videos.

We’re on our way out to Dan’s Camera Shop to see if we can get into some trouble.

1:54pm – Had a great meeting at Dan’s Camera Shop with Mark Woodland. Great guy, great company, if you live anywhere near them, I recommend you check out their site, and their shop.

By odd coincidence we saw Eliza, Andrea, Ava, and Giana there. I couldn’t believe it. I thought for sure they were stalking us.

I got to meet Donna finally! After leaving Dan’s Camera Shop we headed to a chinese buffet and went over what we learned in our meeting. Seeing this business from all perspectives is not only important, but it is also extremely interesting. Mark was able to teach us a lot about their side of the business in a relatively short period of time. Invaluable experience.

We’re now back at “the ranch” listening to some Cold War Kids and going over the new yet-to-be-released Viddler API.

2:56pm – We’re going to head over into the conference room and I’m going to record a “ScobleShow-esque” interview with Rob so that people can get a pretty good feel for Viddler.

If you have any questions, you can send them to me via email or comments.

4:02pm – Rob and I recorded a quick interview video and we’ll be publishing that on Viddler slowly over the next week or so. It has some great insight into not only Viddler’s past, but also Viddler’s present, and future.

I’m on my way out of Viddler HQ now. Going to head back to Slatington to hang out with some friends and get a bite to eat. I had a great day here at Viddler and I hope to come back really soon.

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