Weigh in: Week Twenty Eight

Last week I was 189.6 pounds and this week I’m up 0.4 pounds and sitting pretty at 190.0 pounds.

Let me tell you thought, this is a miracle in itself due to the amount of food I ate. Eliza had some family in this past weekend and she made lasagna (one of many of my weaknesses). But it didn’t stop there. Great wine, salads, punch, drinks, chocolate cake, milk shakes (need I say more?). The fact that I only gained 0.4 pounds really is proof that my workout program is working for me just the way I want it to.

Many times a good diet is a combination of diet and exercise. But exercise can help in many more ways than just to help you lose weight. It can also help you maintain weight. The fact that, after having been off the diet for 8 weeks, I only gained 3 pounds really does show this to be true. By keeping very regular with my workouts, getting to basketball, and being generally active – I’m able to not worry as much about what I am eating.

I still want to lose about 5 pounds (if I could target my stomach only with these pounds that’d be great). But, either way I’m more than happy that I’m at 190 after having such a great weekend of eating.

I hope everyone else had a great week.

Update: If you do not have a blog, please weigh in here. You don’t need to post photos of yourself in order to take advantage of Flickr.

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