Finger puppets from Niagara Falls in 2003

Google recently announced the release of their patent search. I thought I’d do a little sniffing around to see what I could find and to my surprise I stumbled onto this patent for a "Finger puppet".

In June 2003 Eliza, Chris, and I went to Niagara Falls. We had a great time even though I didn’t write about it anywhere. Though, I did post a few photos on Flickr about a year after we went (which just happened to be the very first month I uploaded photos to Flickr). However, a few photos did not make the cut.

The finger puppet

I do the patented move [compare]

Now remember this was in 2003, and somehow I managed to not only do the patented move, but somehow Eliza managed to take a photo of it!

Here are a few more photos of the finger puppets from Niagara Falls in 2003 (though I think a complete write up of our trip is in order).

Three fingers

We all had a set

Chris eyes hulk

Chris eyes hulk

Me drunky

After a few drinks



Finger Puppets run amok in Niagara Falls!

I found it pretty funny that one of the first patents I found was of these finger puppets that we enjoyed so much in Niagara Falls. I also like the fact that you can link directly into each page of patent documentation. Well done Google, and well done Hobart Ford (the inventor of the finger puppets).