I need more storage so that...

I need more storage so that... I don't have to make rash decisions on what personal data to keep (especially photos) just because I'm running out of room on my laptop. I love using a laptop as my main computer. It's portable, compact, and works almost as well as a desktop. Currently the main caveat to using a laptop is hard drive space. Laptop hard drives are smaller and slower than their desktop brethren and as such I find myself making decisions as to what I can "take with me" when I'm on the go.

My laptop's hard drive is 80Gb. Currently I have 5.17Gb free on the entire drive (see screenshot). How much space is that really? Considering that one of my passions is photos - and that I have two digital cameras that each have 1Gb sticks, this means that I only have the room on my laptop to hold 5 more sets of photos from these cameras. This is very depressing to me.

I'm hoping to find a solution to this problem by switching to Aperture and having it store my full-res photos on an external hard drive, while keeping decent resolution thumbnails on my laptop's drive for viewing when not at home.

My main reason for wanting to win the Seagate "I need more storage so that..." contest, would be so that I could keep taking photos and not have to decide what personal data to keep just because I don't have the room to store it.

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