A dead field mouse

If you were to go to Amazon.com, or any other service that allows you to create a wish list, and created a wish list - I doubt that a dead field mouse would be in your selections. Apparently my cat thought that a dead field mouse was a perfect gift for me, which is exactly what I found in my office this morning.

Dead field mouse

My gift: a dead field mouse

There is a funny story behind this mouse. Shortly after moving into the new apartment my cat, Pickles (photos), has been transfixed on one of our baseboard heaters. We'd all be having a great time in the living room (our other cat Pookers included) and he'd be in the dining area, with both eyes focused on this heater. At first, I thought that he was looking at a pipe that was under the heater and was mistaking it for an animal. We'd kid about their being a mouse or something that he is watching, but even when I'd sit with him for a few minutes we never saw anything. So, I guess we just chocked it up to him being a psycho.

Well, we (mostly me) were proved wrong this morning. And man was he happy about it. I woke up, opened the bedroom door, and he was all over me. He normally is very nice in the morning but he was being absolutely insane. He was very proud of his gift.

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