Gettin' waxed

No, not my bikini area - our floors. In preparation for getting our floors waxed we had to move everything, thoroughly sweep and mop the floors, and put the cats in the office.

Pickles inspects the floor

Pickles inspecting the floor

After the cats approved of our floors, we put them away. Now I'm just waiting to do one final sweep and mop before we start putting on the coats of wax.

9:48 AM - What do you do when you're waiting to wax the floor? Tag photos in iPhoto of course. I'm still playing catch-up on this front and I have a little over 8,500 photos that still need tagging. At least 15,000 that still need to be cataloged by event. And over 20,000 that need to be rated. Have you caught up?

9:52 AM - A quick question for all of you. I just came across roughly 1,000 photos that have the wrong date/time from the camera. This may have happened because the camera was set to 1/1/1999 for some reason after changing the batteries once. I am not sure exactly what date they were taken, but I'd really like to have them appear correctly chronologically.

What I've done, for now, is tag them with the keyword "wrongdate" so that I can get back to them later. Any ideas as to how best to figure out what date they were taken?

10:27 AM - My new way of getting caught up on assigning keywords to my photos has been tag layering. What I do is a first pass of tagging only people that appear in the photos. Then, I go back through and create albums for each "event". Once that is done, I assign the appropriate geo tags, location tags, and even event tags.

I've found it is much more rewarding to do this in layers to help to keep moving forward, rather than only getting a few hundred photos done a day.

12:03 PM - Just finished mopping the entire floor. I did the best job I could, using Joy dish detergent (which is highly recommended to remove any oils from tile flooring), to make sure that the wax can make a good bond with the tile.

Now I'm just waiting for Mark (our friend who knows how to do this stuff) to get here so we can go pick up the materials needed to pull this off. What to do in the meantime?! *opens iPhoto again*

Rebuilding cache

Rebuilding cache

12:16 PM - iPhoto has been asking me to rebuild my thumbnail cache for quite sometime, so I finally gave in and selected to allow it to go ahead and do just that. Maybe this will give me a little better performance. My main question I guess is why iPhoto doesn't build thumbnails on import, and if it does, why does it need to rebuild the cache? Oh, and why can't it be more like the way iMovie or iDVD handles video compression and rendering and build the thumbnail caches in the background while still allowing me to do other things within iPhoto? I mean, I have "two processors" do I not?

7:37 PM - Three coats, and one chinese buffet later, we're done. Now we just have to let the last coat cure before we start putting everything back onto the tile. It looks good, and should do well to protect the floor for years to come.

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