Rethinking my web site and my use of web services

I've been thinking about doing this for sometime -- taking everything that I put online and centralizing it onto my site. As most of you know I have an account on flickr and an account on - though I do not use either to their fullest potential.

Flickr provides me with a great way to share photos with friends and family, and it has some useful tools for me to tag (categorize) as well as geotag (or note where I took the photo), and it lets me connect with different sets of people by using Flickr's groups. These are all great. However the data that I put into Flickr is not mine and without using the API I will never be able to benefit too greatly from putting in the time it takes to utilize all of Flickr's tools. is a great way to post your favorite URLs, tag (categorize) them, and make some small notes. Obviously there is the entire community aspect too though I've never taken full advantage of any of them. Also I do not use (boy is that annoying to type everytime) as my bookmark storage solution.

So I don't fully utilize the two major web services that I would otherwise really like to -- so perhaps something else could be done to openly share data and yet reap the most benefit from the time I put into cataloging it. I think my personal site is the perfect platform for this, and I'm going to start making both dramatic and subtle changes to the site and its architecture in order to do this.

Please "stand by" while I make some adjustments (which will probably take a total of two or three weeks to make, though you should start seeing some of these changes within the next few days).

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